[App] CamCard - Business Card Reader v3.0.1_20120104

Persyaratan minimum: Android 2.0+

CamCard adalah aplikasi yang bisa digunakan untuk membaca kartu nama dan menyimpan secara otomatis informasi yang ada di kartu nama: nomor telepon, alamat emaill, alamat website dsb. Dengan aplikasi ini tidak perlu lagi menyimpan setiap kartu nama yang ada, tinggal scan/foto dan akan tersimpan di database.

Beberapa fitur:

  • Scan card, recognize card and save in Card Holder and your Address book
  • Recognize 5 languages including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
  • All your cards can be saved in the Cloud securely, privately, and never missing.
  • Restore cards in case of accidental deleting.
  • Manage and Synchronize cards across multi-devices with Cloud
  • Save cards into your address book, Gmail or other Exchange account.
  • Categorize cards into different groups and accounts
  • Merge with exiting contact
  • Batch Scan card, Auto-detect text orientation, Auto-rotate card images, Auto-crop card images, Auto-enhance business card images
  • QR Code creation and recognition and share cards with QR Code
  • Email Recognition
  • Introduce friends to each other and let them save each others

Download: multiupload (9.26 MB)


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